UKIP Pride Ban Is Wrong

You will not find many people who are more fervently anti-UKIP than I am. I find their brand of lowest common denominator politics loathsome. The way they prey on people’s fears and the inherent negativity of their political pitch is abhorrent to me. That is without even referencing their monomania on Europe and the disgraceful … Read more


General Election: Debate

Well the debate occurred on Thursday between 7 party leaders, and it wasn’t quite as chaotic as I thought it might be. I’m not entirely sure that it was all that persuasive either. I think the problem is that almost everyone will have tuned in and watched through the prism of their existing thoughts and … Read more


Douglas Carswell

I never held much love for Douglas Carswell, I’m not a fan of the form of uncompromising politics that he seemed to espouse. He seemed to embody a form of monomania and obsessiveness that I found uncomfortable, and ever so slightly dangerous. That he has finally made the leap to UKIP doesn’t surprise me, nor … Read more