Some Olympics Thoughts

It is great isn’t it to look at the Olympic medal table and to see that Great Britain is third overall in the rankings with a practically unbridgeable gap to fourth place. London 2012 has proven to be our most successful games of the modern era, we have shown the world that we have great … Read more


27th July 2012

What a day! I don’t think I’ve had a better day in my admittedly rather short existence. I had a day wandering round London just soaking up the atmosphere of the Olympic host city. I did not see one glum face all day. I had a lovely meal in a Cafe Rouge in the heart … Read more


Olympics Thoughts

So this time tomorrow all eyes will begin to turn on London as the Olympic games opening ceremony draws near. I remember the day 7 years ago when the announcement came through that the 30th Olympiad would be held in London. The excitement was palpable, although it didn’t last very long as the very next … Read more


G4S Olympic Security Failure

So the G4S Olympic Security scandal rumbles on and as a result idealogues on both sides of the political divide are spouting some pretty unconvincing crap about it all. The statists have decided that this scandal shows that the security for the games should never have been outsourced and been handed to the police and … Read more