Pride in London

This Saturday sees the huge carnival that is Pride in London as hundreds of people march through central London and thousands of people watch and support them from the sidelines. It is one of the highlights of my calendar as I take my place in the parade. I am not the most outgoing, and certainly … Read more


The Longest Reigning Monarch

Tomorrow¬†Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reigning British monarch surpassing a previous Queen regnant Victoria. An awful lot of people are taking the opportunity to try to write something interesting, historians saying that she isn’t much of a Queen because she reigns rather than rules and miserabilist left wing columnists trying to rain on … Read more



So September has dawned, and already the weather seems to be heading in an Autumnal direction. I always find that the month of September is a bit of a strange month, caught as it is between Summer and the manic rush down to Christmas. I also find the irony that September ought to be and … Read more