London Underground - Oxford Circus

Tube Strike

So today London was brought chaos courtesy of the tube unions. I have to say I’m one of the fortunate people who don’t have to use the tube and get the overground train into Liverpool Street and walk from there. However there were the obvious stories of journeys taking excessive amounts of time due to … Read more


Back To Driving

Whilst I was recovering from my recent operation I was not allowed to drive. This was of course eminently sensible as having had my insides played around with it wouldn’t have been wise to risk causing a problem. I found it though a complete bind in the latter stages being restricted in this way. I … Read more



Decided that I needed a bit of a spring clean of the blog so decided to update the look and give it a lick of paint. Hope you like the new look. It is very possible that further tweaks will be made in coming weeks but I shall try not to do anything too radical … Read more