A little about me then, well I’m a 30-something home counties homosexual. I have a standard-ish city based finance job which at times can be thoroughly tedious, thankfully not always, and it does fund the more interesting parts of my life! Those interesting bits include a massive passion for classical music (including some things off the beaten track) a hobby of photography, a love of theatre and a major obsession with politics. The obsession with politics has been nurtured since I was about six years old and glimpsed Margaret Thatcher emerging from Downing St on the news. I cannot remember if I simply fell in love with her, the backdrop or the dulcet tones of John Cole providing the narrative but from then on I was hooked.


21Dec13_013As I grew up my interest in politics developed and when I was 15 or 16 I looked to join a political party. This was 1996/7 and though my outlook was broadly conservative, the thought of joining the Conservative Party didn’t appeal. I was young, idealistic and optimistic and that didn’t seem at the time to be something that chimed with the Conservative party, hence I joined Labour as at the time it felt like they were a party that someone with my outlook could join. It didn’t take me very long to work out that I had made a youthful error of judgement!!

09Nov13_006Over time I got more involved and at 21 I fought my first seat for my local council. I lost. I didn’t lose by much, however, and by less than many people expected. So the next year at 22 I stood for a far more winnable seat and was duly elected to my local council as the youngest member then present. I spent a happy 4 years on the council and enjoyed almost every minute of it, learning the ropes and debating issues. It was on the council that I learnt that I had a reasonable talent for public speaking, which as is often the case came down to a talent for studious preparation. Alas increasing work pressures meant that I felt I couldn’t continue to devote myself as fully as I expected myself to and so I took the hard decision to stand down after just 4 years. It is though something that I may well go back to in due course.

BeethovenMy interest in Classical music probably started with my first piano lessons, but was really fired by an introduction to Handel’s Water Music by a school teacher who I have never forgotten. She  leant me the tape as I was so fascinated by the sound when she played it in class, and from then on I have developed a fascination with all eras of classical music. I still play my piano regularly where my enjoyment far exceeds my talent unfortunately. My major interest is in seeing the professionals make beautiful music. I have a habit of collecting recordings of classical music and multiple versions of the same pieces, for instance at the latest count I have 5 complete recordings of Beethoven symphonies. Different orchestras sound different and different conductors have different takes so every recording is unique; although  nothing is quite as unique as a live performance, many of which are etched in my memory forever.

Photography is a more recent hobby, and developed from a desire to try to discover if I had an artistic side. For many years I never considered that I had a particularly artistic bent. There were others in my family who were far more talented in that regard. I had an appreciation of beauty, colour and form and wanted to see if I could find a means of pursuing it. So I bought a camera, and found that the technicality of using a Digital SLR camera really played to my strengths whilst allowing me to develop my creative side. I’m never going to be a great photographer, my artistic talent isn’t sufficient for that, but it gives me a creative outlet and is a source of huge enjoyment in playing around with lenses and focal lengths and filters to try to get a picture to look the way I want.

So what do I post about? Well politics and classical music obviously, but I often find myself reviewing theatre trips or films I’ve seen at the cinema. I also blog about myself from time to time as well as historic events and really anything that takes my fancy. So I hope that whatever I choose to witter about you find enjoyable.


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    The title says it all. Constitutional policy has not been debated properly in this country. As a result of the failure to think things out systematically in advance, change has been piecemeal and unplanned. Lacking a comprehensive strategy to defend the constitution, Downing Street seems to be grasping at straws at the last moment and the wholly avoidable possibility of Scotland voting to leave the United Kingdom might become a reality. This book is a belated attempt to urge those who love our country to get their act together and come up with a strategy to save our constitution from multiple threats. Please check it out for yourself: the Introduction and a substantial part of the first Chapter can be read free on Amazon.

    I think you will find its basic principles similar to your own, and those of your target readership and all right-thinking people. Either way, we need to start talking about these things before it is too late. Thanks,

    John Winterson Richards

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