Musings On Equal Marriage And Conservatives

To be honest I will be glad when the debate on equal marriage is finally settled, it will certainly be good for my stress levels. I find the attitudes of certain Conservative MP’s to be deeply regrettable. I fear that they have either not learnt or unlearnt the first rule of successful politics; you have to deal with things as they are not as you would like them. What do I mean in this instance? Well what some Conservative MP’s seem to be oblivious to is that our society is exceptionally broad minded, tolerant and modernto the extent that very few people are bothered one way or another by social issues of this nature. More people will be concerned to look at a party that is bothered by an issue like this than will be themselves bothered by an issue like this. Failing to appreciate this is exceptionally bad politics.

The danger I foresee in the divisions that are being rent over this issue in the Conservative Party is that in the future people will remember the rebellion and the rebels position and forget that it was another Conservative leading the charge. In short I fear that the entire Conservative Party is going to get tagged as out of touch based on a few rampant pillocks who just don’t get it. The problem is that many of those opposed to equal marriage seem to be using the grassroots as cover. The trouble is that the grassroots of the Conservative Party is in some places not reflective of wider society, so what these MP’s are doing is abandoning the opportunity to broaden the appeal of the party to shore up support in a group that is unreflective and diminishing. This strikes me as the most idiotic political approach known to man.

The country doesn’t want nor need a socially conservative political party and it will not vote for one. It won’t vote for a party that has a large socially conservative grouping either. The choice facing the Conservatives on this and other similar issues is stark, be tolerant and progressive and open to developments in society and thrive or be conservative, narrow minded and unattractive to vast swathes of opinion in the country and die. The danger is that far too many MP’s in the Parliamentary party are stupid enough to think that the latter option is the one to go for to be different. There seems to be a core of Conservatives who think that a certain level of social conservatism will keep the show on the road, I have to say that if even the US is turning away from that form of social approach then there is zero chance of it ever working in the UK.

I have to say that I find it increasingly difficult to defend the more bizarre outbursts of Conservative MP’s on many many issues. I remain at heart a tolerant, broad minded, conservative individual but I find it increasingly difficult to defend being associated with some of the morons that have floated to the top of the party. The country is now a far more tolerant and open place than it ever has been, and in politics you need to approach people in the direction they are facing as otherwise you will appear weird and they will travel with someone else.

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  1. Very eloquently stated. I think many conservative MPs do not understand what would be required to win an election out right and I fear many are going about it in the wrong way. Equal marriage is but a small example of it.

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